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ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
626VM3 power supply AVR000379  626VM3 power supply AVR000379 626VM3 power supply AVR000379 £595.00 Used A5 
CACR-IR10SC1  CACR-IR10SC1 CACR-IR10SC1 Servo pack £950.00 Used G7 
CIMR-MTIII-15K  CIMR-MTIII-15K CIMR-MTIII-15K With orientation card ETC008620 £1500.00 Used Floor CA23B 
CIMR-MTIII-15K.2  CIMR-MTIII-15K.2 CIMR-MTIII-15K.2 £1200.00 Used Floor CA23B 
JUSPEED FS300 Inverter  CIMR-15AS3-2 Yaskawa AC Inverter drive unit (eg HG400II ATC) £ 495.00 Used B8 
LX3 I/O PCB  JANCD-I021 Yskawa LX3 I/O PCB £ 695.00 Used A3 
LX3 keyboard Interface PCB  JANCD-SP20 Yaskawa LX3 Interface PCB £ 575.00 Used A3 
New USAIIM-1E-HS12 built in spindle with encoder and disc brake   USAIIM-1E-HS12 built in spindle with encoder and disc brake  USAIIM-1E-HS12 built in spindle with encoder and disc brake CA23II  £4500.00 New Main floor 
Omron E2C-AM4A switch amplifier   Omron E2C-AM4A Amplifier for remote proximity switches on turret £295.00 Used F4 
USASEM-10HS23 Yaskawa motor  USASEM-10HS23 Yaskawa motor USASEM-10HS23 Yaskawa motor £995.00 Used B10 floor 
Yaskawa ACGC Board  JANCD-CG 31/24 ACGC Board for LX3 Multi £ 900.00 Used LX3 
Yaskawa ACGC Board  JANCD-CG 26/27 ACGC Pcb for LX3 Multi £ 900.00 Used LX3 
Yaskawa AC Inverter  CIMR-30JP3-1BOOM Yaskawa AC Inverter drive 3Kw (ATC, Turret) £975.00 Used B1 
Yaskawa AC Inverter Drive  CIMR-37-AS2 Inverter drive, suit turret control HT20SII £ 695.00 Used A9 
Yaskawa AC Inverter Drive  CIMR-22JP3-1BOOM Yaskawa AC inverter drive (ATC, Turret) £975.00 Used B8 
Yaskawa AC Inverter Drive  CIMR-37A-1006 AC Inverter, suit HT20SII £ 895.00 Used A9 
Yaskawa AC Servo Drive  CACR-SR20-SB1AFY118 20A AC Servo Drive, suits HT25S £ 995.00 Used G1 
Yaskawa Axis motor  USAFED-20F Yaskawa motor Used motors removed from a working machine £495.00 Used ST 
Yaskawa LX3 Mother Board  JANCD-MB-22-3 Mother/Base Pcb for LX3 £ 2400.00 Used A1 
Yaskawa LX3 PC  JANCD-PC20 PC Board for LX3 control £ 695.00 Used LX3 
Yaskawa Power Supply  CPS-10-NB Power Supply for Yaskawa LX3 £ 695.00 Recon A9 
Yaskawa Relay PCB  IN86001 Relay PCB with R1-D25M Relays £ 250.00 Used LX3 
Yaskawa ROM Board for LX3  JANCD-MM20 Rev11 ROM Pcb for LX3 £ 495.00 Used LX3 
Yaskawa Servo Motor  USAFED-09FA1 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor £1100.00 Used B10 
Yaskawa Servo Motor  USASEM-10HS13 Yaskawa AC Servo Motor (Suits SR type drives) £1200.00 Used B10 
Yaskawa Servo motor SGMG-20A2A HT23RIII   Yaskawa Servo motor SGMG-20A2A HT23RIII  Yaskawa Servo motor SGMG-20A2A HT23RIII  £995.00 Used ST 
Yaskawa Varispeed Motor  EELQ-51T-4KW Yaskawa AC motor flange mount for Driven Tool HT20SII £885.00 Used ST 
Yaskawa Varispeed Motor  EELQ-51 0.75KW AC Motor for Turret (HT20SII, HT20R, CA23) £915.00 Used A10 
Showing 29 items