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ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
24VDC Power Supply  S82J-05024DD 24VDC Power supply, 100-240 VAC input £ 175.00 New A8 
3.6V Lithium Battery  ERAA-3.6V 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery in AA package £ 17.95 New T12 
Backboard for Keyboard   AB12C-106 k3 10-34-03-00 Backboard for keyboard S3 £395.00 New A1 
Battery 3.6V  ER6-VC3 Lithium "AA" size battery, SIII, I80 £ 28.75 New T12 
Battery 3V  A98L-0031-0006 3V Lithium Battery for Powermate NC £ 18.00 New T12 
Battery 6V  A98L-0031-0011 6V Lithium Battery for Powermate Encoder £ 32.50 New T12 
Battery 6V  A98L-0031-0011#L 6V Lithium Battery for Beta Encoder £ 32.50 New T12 
Call Light Bulb  140V-10W Bulb for Call Light, 140V 10W £ 5.75 New T9 
CKD cylinder switch  CKD-R0 CKD cylinder switch  £38.00 New G5 
CKD Cylinder Switch  CKD-MOH CKD Cylinder Switch/sensor £ 38.00 New G5/London 3 
CKD Cylinder Switch  CKD-R3 CKD Cylinder Switch/Sensor with indicator LED £ 38.00 New G5 
CKD Cylinder Switch  CKD TOV CKD TOV £38 New London 
CKD Cylinder Switch  CKD-T2H CKD Cylinder Switch/Sensor £24.00 New G5 
Cylinder Switch  CKD-T0H CKD Cylinder Switch £ 38.00 New G5/Lon-3 
Daikin Oil Cooler PCB  EC8703C-1-KA Main Control PCB £395.00 New C2 
Display F-Key Membrane  DF820-FKEY F-Key Membrane to suit 14" Bezel on LX3 & I80 Controls £ 95.00 New A8 
Door Interlock Switch  AZ-16-12ZVRK-M20-2254 Schmersal Door Interlock Switch (No Lock) £ 45.00 New B4 
Fanuc Drive fan 24VDC  2406-KL-05W-B59 24VDC Fan 60mmX16mm, for Fanuc Drives £ 45.00 New G4 
Fuji E-Stop Pushbutton  AR30V2R-11R Fuji AR30 range Emergency Stop Pushbutton £ 24.50 New B4 
Fuji Key Selector Switch  AH165-2YJ7A22A Fuji Key Switch Selector with contact block £ 48.00 New B4 
Fuji Photo Electric sensor  PH2-T2MP T/R Photo Electric Sensor Transmitter & Receiver 10-30V £ 215.00 Used B4 
Fuji Proximity Sensor  PE2-CS3S 2-Wire Proximity Sensor 10-30VDC £ 75.00 Used B4 
Fuji Push Button  AH165-TLW11E3 Rectangular Fuji Push button switch with contact block £ 36.00 New G4 
Fuji Selector Switch  AR30S2R-20B Fuji AR30 range 2-position Selector switch £ 24.50 New B4 
Hicell Keypad Membrane  11-58-02 Operator Panel Keypad membrane for Hicell £ 575.00 New A8 
HS-M Dis 13-31-10-00  13-31-10-00 Dis board HS £350.00 Used C1 
Hydraulic Pressure switch  HP10-100 Barrel switch 10-100bar pressure switch(TS15 and others) £49.92 3 M/ 1 London  New G4/London1 
Interface card  20-01-00-00 Interface card to Fanuc/ sigma £495.00 Used C1 
Keyboard with switches 10-39-00-00  Keyboard with switches 10-39-00-00 Keyboard with switches 10-39-00-00 £295.00 New C1 
Keyboard with switches K1 10-32-01-00  Keyboard with switches K1 10-32-01-00 Keyboard with switches K1 10-32-01-00 £295.00 New C1 
Keyboard with switches K2 10-33-01-00  10-33-01-00 Numerical keyboard sigma fanuc £395.00 Used C1 
Keypad interface card FNKB 20-03-00-00  FNKB 20-03-00-00 Interface board £295.00 Used C1 
Keypad Membrane  HIT-LX3-KEY Numeric Keypad Membrane for LX3 (HT20SII) £ 295.00 New A8/Lon01 
Keypad Membrane  11-47-01 Membrane for Operators panel, HT20SII, HT20R £ 585.00 Used A8 
Keypad Membrane  HIT-I80-KEY Numeric Keypad Membrane for I80 (HT20R) £ 305.00 New A8/Lon01 
Keypad Pushbutton  AB12SF-1260 Pushbutton switch for Operator Panel Keypads £ 12.75 19 midlands 75 london New T12 
Keypad with switches AB12C  AB12C-0106 K2 10-33-01-00 keypad with switches £895.00 New A1 
Keypad with switches OPSW-MC6 20-06-00-00  OPSW-MC6 20-06-00-00 Main keypad HG series and others £395.00 Used C1 
Limit Switch  SL-1A In-line roller limit switch £ 42.95 New B4 
Metrol Tool Setter Head  H4A-07-01H Plug type 2 wire q setter, short cable £495.00 New B9 
Metrol Tool Setter Head  H4A-04-00 Fixed head Q-Setter head, HT20SII, HT20R etc. £ 445.00 0 see H4A-204 New B9 
Metrol Tool setter head / cable  H4A-204-00 Detachable Type sensor head & Cable for Q-setter £ 595.00 New B9/4 london 2 
Metrol tool setter head only  HS4A40-4 Detachable type Tool sensor-Head only- for H4A-204 £495.00 0 see H4A-204 Used B9 
Mitsubishi Power Supply  SF-PW Power Supply for Mitsubishi FR-SF £ 695.00 Used A9 
Nachi Solenoid Coil 100V  EL64-C1-AC100 Nachi Solenoid Coil 100 VAC £ 48.00 New G3 
Omron 24VDC power supply  S82K-01524 24VDC power supply, 0.6A, 100-240V input £105.00 Used B8 
Omron 24VDC power supply  S82V-0324 24VDC power supply, 1.3A, 100-240V input £175.00 Used B8 
Omron 8mm short sensor 2 wire 24vdc  E2A-S08KS02-WPD1 Short switch driven tool etc £125.00 New Lon 
Omron Cross roller switch D4E-1B  D4E-1B Cross Roller limit switch (replaces Yamatake SL1-D) £ 40.00 Used B4 
Omron E2C-AM4A amplifier   Omron E2C-AM4A amplifier  Omron E2C-AM4A amplifier Used for remote proximity switch on turret £295.00 Used G4 
Omron Limit Switch D4E-1A  D4E-1A Inline roller switch (replaces Yamatake SL1-A) £ 48.00 Used B4 
Omron PCB relay  Omron G3TB-OA202PZ 5-24vdc Earlier type relays with LED £19.50 New Lon01 
Omron PCB relay 24VDC  G6B-1114P Omron PCB Mount relay 24VDC coil £ 17.50 10 New G3 
Omron Photo Electric switch  E3S-2E4 Photoelectric switch 12-24 VDC £ 225.00 New B4 
Omron Precision switch  D5F-H001 Omron Precision Sensor/Switch with air blow £ 1025.00 New G4 
Omron Prioximity Sensor 12mm  E2E-X3D1-N Omron 12mm, 2-Wire proximity sensor £57.50 New B4 
Omron Proximity Sensor  TL-X5E1-G 18mm NPN Proximity sensor (10 - 40 VDC) £ 105.00 New B4 
Omron Proximity Sensor  E2A-M12KSO4-WP-C1 Omron 12mm, 3-wire PNP Proximity Sensor £75.00 New B4 
Omron Proximity Switch 8mm  E2E-X2D1-N 8mm 2-wire proximity sensor £125 New B4 
Omron Roller Lever Switch D4D  D4D-2122 Roller Lever Limit Switch £ 30.00` Used B4 
Omron Safety Module  G9S-301 Omron 24 VDC Safety Module £ 125.00 New A8 
Power Supply 24VDC  RS-10 24 24VDC Power Supply, 85-132Vac input, 75W 2.1A £ 95.00 Used LX3 
Proximity Switch  E2E-X1R5F2 Omron 8mm Inductive Proximity 3-wire PNP £ 57.50 New B4 
Proximity Switch  E2E-X1R5E1 Omron 8mm Inductive Proximity 3-wire NPN £ 57.50 New B4 
Roller Limit Switch  31ZS1-C Honeywell Safety Roller Limit Switch £ 57.25 Used B4 
Rotary Encoder IHI RC-N10-24CN  IHI RC-N10-24CN Encoder £395.00 New A8 
Sanwa Denki Pressure Switch  SPS-8T-11/8 Lube pressure switch (Mpa) - 1.1 on, 0.8 off  New B3 
Sanwa Denki Pressure Switch  SPS-8T-7/8 Lube pressure switch (Mpa) - 0.7 on, 0.8 off  New B3 
Schleicher safety relay  Sno-2001 Used safety relay, now obsolete  £125 4 midlands 2 london Used F4  
SMC D-A53 parts catcher switch  SMC D-A53 parts catcher switch SMC D-A53 parts catcher switch £55.00 New Lon1 
SMC D-A73 Cylinder switch  SMC D-A73 Cylinder switch SMC D-A73 Cylinder switch £38.00 New London 
Style AC Fan 200V  TP12D20 200V 120mm X 38mm AC Ball Bearing Fan £ 68.50 New G4 
TDK 24VDC Power Supply  HWS50-24A 24VDC, 2.2A Output, 100-240VAC input £ 85.00 New A8 
Thermal Sensor w/lead  PXA64-T56250 Thermal sensor, lead type £ 165.00 New B3 
Thermal Sensor w/thread  PXA64-T56249 Thermal sensor with thread fitting (02999100370)  £ 195.00 New B3 
Todensha Joystick DxGBS 41SD1  Todensha Joystick DxGBS 41SD1 Todensha Joystick DxGBS 41SD1 £395.09 New G4 
Tosoku RE45T1SM5 CH250 handwheel  Tosoku RE45T1SM5 CH250 handwheel Tosoku RE45T1SM5 CH250 handwheel £395.00 New Lon1 
TZFS Safety Door Interlock Switch  TZFS-24VDC Safety Switch for Door Interlocks - CE Machines £ 275.00 New Lon1 
Work Lamp Bulb  E27-110V-18W Energy Saver worklamp bulb, 110V, 18W, E27 £ 14.25 New G3 
Yamatake Limit Switch  LDV-5204V 2-Bank Limit switch assembly £ 185.00 New B4 
Yamatake Proximity Switch  FL7M-3J6HD-EL05 Yamatake 12-24 VDC Proximity (2 wire) £ 78.50 New B4 
Showing 81 items