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ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
06-19-00-00A  06-19-00-00A 06-19-00-00A F-S PGIF interface card £150 Used C1 
ADC-1  06-01-03 Analogue to digital converter £595.00 Used A7 
AD Converter Pcb  ADC-1/06-01-04 AD Coverter Pcb for Seicos II £ 750.00 Used A2 
CA23B distribution pcb  13-09-01-01 Seicos 23b £250.00 Used C1 
CA23 Disributor Pcb  CA-DIS-DB/13-08-00-00 Hicell Panel Distribution Pcb £ 250.00 Used A6 
CA30 Dis board S3 CA-M. DIS 13-09-01-00  CA30 Dis board S3 CA-M. DIS 13-09-01-00 CA30 Dis board S3 CA-M. DIS 13-09-01-00 £495.00 Used C1 
Chime board  14-03-00-00 Chime board for melody £150.00 Used A7 
Distributor Pcb  VK/VM-M-DIS-D Distribution Pcb for VK & VM Seicos III £ 900.00 Used A6 
"F"-Key pcb for Seicos  AB12C-0153, 10-39-00-00 F-Key pcb for op panel on Micon 16/Seicos III £ 195.00 New A2 
HC Operator Panel  11-19-00 Operator Keypad & Membrane for HC400 £ 950.00 Used A7 
HG Distribution Board  HG-M- DIS Distribution PCB for HG machine £ 495.00 Used A8 
HS01 Seicos Power Supply  HS-01 Power supply for Seicos II / Micon 16II £ 695.00 Recon A6 
In-out 16 861731  16 861732 Interface connection board ca23b £395.00 Used C1 
IO-128F 08-27-04-01B with SMCN-3B  IO-128F 08-27-04-01B with SMCN-3B IO-128F 08-27-04-01B with SMCN-3B £1200  Used A7 
  INO-11,10-07-03 I/O Slave Pcb £ 450.00 Used A7 
Keypad Membrane + Frame  21-05-00-00 Operator Keypad Membrane, TF/Hi-Turner £ 395.00 Used TF 
Micon 16I CPU Pcb  00-00-03 MIcon 16 Vers 1 CPU board/top card only £ 895.00 Used A7/rack 
Micon 16II PC Motherboard  M16II, 00-10-05-03 Micon 16II/SeicosII PC Motherboard (Later type) £ 1895.00 Used A2 
Micon 16II PC Mother pcb  M16II-00-10-04 Micon 16II PC Mother board (Older Vers.) £ 1475.00 Used A2 
Micon 16 Keyboard  M2KBS-00-12-02 Keyboard, pcb & Membrane for M16II £ 450.00 Used A7 
Micon 16 NCIF Pcb  NCIF-F/01-09-03 NC Interface Pcb for Micon 16 £ 375.00 Used A2 
Micon 8 Mother Pcb  PT-CODA-07 Micon 8 Mother Pcb £ 1850.00 Used A6 
NR/CA-RY 14-01-02 relay pcb  NR/CA-RY 14-01-02 relay pcb NR/CA-RY 14-01-02 relay pcb £695.00 Used A2 
Operator Panel Slave  OP10MC-10-02-01 Panel Slave for Operator Panel M16II £ 950.00 Used A7 
PAN I/O PCB  10-05-04-01 PAN I/O Slave pcb for Seicos £ 980.00 Used A2 
S3AD board  06-14-00-01/06-13-01-00 Ad converter board £385.00 Used C1 
S3-SPG 17-03-00  S3-SPG 17-03-00 S3-SPG 17-03-00 £395.00 Used C1 
S3SPG 17-05-00  17-05-00 Interface board £395.00 Used C1 
Seicos CGDC 16-04-01-01  Seicos CGDC 16-04-01-01 Colour graphics board £995.00 Used C1 
Seicos III F-key pcb  10-39-00-00 "F" key pushbutton assembly, SeicosIII, Micon 16III £ 195.00 New A7 
Seicos III LSPC pcb  16-03-02-00 Seicos LSPC controller pcb, SeicosIII/Micon 16III £ 1095.00 Used A2 
Seicos III Power Supply  MPW-ED136 SeicosIII / Micon 16III Power Supply Unit £ 895.00 Recon A9 
Seicos III Slave Power Supply  SLPW-ED139 Slave Power supply for SeicosIII/ Micon16 III with SLDS 4 09-05-00-00 sockets £ 795.00 Recon A9 
Seicos II NC Mother pcb  01-04-04 NC Mother board for Seicos II £ 1595.00 Used A2 
Seicos Keypad PCB  OPSW-MC2, 10-25-00 Seicos III Keypad PCB, suit CA23 £ 825.00 Used A7 
Seicos MGDC pcb  16-12-01-00 Monochrome Graphic pcb, SeicosIII/Micon16III £ 1080.00 Used A7 
Seicos NUMC NC Motherboard  16-02-02-01/16-02-00-02 NUMC NC Motherboard for SeicosIII £ 1700.00 Used TF 
Seicos Numeric Keboard Slave  10-33-01 c/w 10-34-03 Numeric Keypad + Slave pcb for SeicosIII £ 700.00 Used TF 
Seicos Numeric Keypad Membrane  11-87-00 Keypad membrane with frame for SeicosIII/Micon 16III £ 275.00 Used TF 
Seicos OP-IO Keyboard Slave  OP10-MC2, 10-26-00 Seicos III OPIO Keyboard Slave £ 900.00 Used A7 
Seicos OPSW Keyboard Slave  OPSW-L4 c/w OP10-L4, 10-44-00-01 Keyboard + Slave for SeicosIII £ 800.00 Used TF 
Seicos SAMS Axis Control PCB(new type)  16-00-01-00 SAMS Axis Control PCB for SeicosIII (New Type) £ 1975.00 Used S3/TF CA30 Rack 
Seicos SAMS Axis Control PCB(old type)  16-00-00-01 SAMS Axis Control PCB for SeicosIII (Old Type) £ 1975.00 Used S3/TF 
Seicos SASS Axis Slave PCB  16-00-51-00 SASS Axis Slave for SeicosIII (New Type) £ 1495.00 Used Seicos rack CA30 rack 
Seicos SMCN3B pcb  07-02-05-00/01 Seicos Slave Interface pcb, SeicosII & III £ 375.00 Used A7 
Seicos SPHC Controller PCB  16-01-01-01/16-01-01-02 SPHC Controller PCB for SeicosIII £ 1700.00 Used TF 
Seiki HDCD Pcb  10-37-00-01 Seiki Thermal Comp Interface Pcb £425.00 Used C1 
Seiki HG Relay Pcb  HG.SSR 14-06-00-01 Solid State Relay Pcb for Seiki HG £450.00 Used C1 
SEIKI I/O 128F  08-27-03-I/O-128F Panel Slave for Seicos with SMCN 2B £ 1200.00 Used A7 
Seiki I/O 128 Slave  IO-128-10-56-00 Seicos IO 128 Slave £ 595.00 Used C1 
Seiki IO-24 Slave  10-58-00-00 IO-24 Slave Pcb for Seicos £450.00 Used C1 
Seiki I/O 48 Slave  IO-48-10-57-00-00 Seicos IO Slave £ 750.00 Used A2 
SEIKI I/O SLAVE  INO-10/10-06-04-01 I/O Slave Pcb with SMCN 2B/3B £ 795.00 Used A7 
Seiki Keyboard Slave  OPIO-MC6 20-05-00-00 Keyboard Slave IO for MC6 key panel £645.00 Used C1 
Seiki Panel Slave  PAN-I/O-10-05-03 Panel I/O Slave with SMCN-2B £ 850.00 Used A7 
Seiki Panel Slave  PAN I/O-10-05-04-01 Seicos panel Slave PCB with SMCN 3B £ 950.00 Used SIII 
SEIKI Slave Distributor  SLDS 3A/09-03-02-01 Slave Distributor for Micon 16II £ 250.00 Used A7 
Sharp 10.4" Monochrome EL Display  LJ64-ZU52 EL Dispaly, 10.4", for SeicosIII/Micon16III £ 1095.00 Used  
SSR-8 14-04-00-00 8 relays G3TB  SSR-8 14-04-00-00 relays G3TB SSR-8 14-04-00-00 relays G3TB £395.00 Used A2 
SSR Pcb  HC/HX SSR Relay pcb fitted with AQ6902 relays £ 375.00 Used A7 
SSR Relay Pcb  NA-CA/RY-14-01-01 SSR Relay Pcb with AQ6902 relay £ 475.00 Used A2 
SVIF Servo Interface Pcb  SVIF: 01-05-03 Servo Interface Pcb for Seicos II £ 1495 Used A2 
TF DIS  TF DIS Tf distribution board £250 New C1 
Toko Power Supply  LWT-30-51 12 VDC Power supply for Seicos TFT/Plasma £ 345.00 Recon A2 
VM40II Panel Distributor  VM40II-M-DIS Distribution pcb for VM40II - Seicos £ 900.00 Used B1 
Showing 65 items