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ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
ItemImagePart No.DescriptionPriceStockConditionLoc.
2741-05-936-01 HG500 taper roller spacer   2741-05-936-01 HG500 taper roller spacer  2741-05-936-01 HG500 taper roller spacer  £295.00 New C5 
APC Turntable Rod  2752-80-452-03 APC Turntable Lock Rod, HG400 £ 175.00 New C5 
ATC Arm Finger  2752-70-434-03 Twin arm finger for HG400III £ 475.00 New  
Axis Brake  RNB-1.6G Axis Brake for Hicell £ 295.00 New B3 
Axis Brake  RNB 0.8G X-Axis Brake for HT20SII, HT20R £ 195.00 New B3 
Bearing, 30TAC62  30x62 P3/P4 Angular contact precision bearings, sold in pairs. £275.00 per pair 1set NTN, 2 sets RHP New F7 
Bearing Nart 25UUR  IKO Nart 25 UUR Bearing £125.00 New F7 
Belleville 50x25.4x3 disc springs  Belleville 50x25.4x3 disc springs Belleville 50x25.4x3 disc springs £40 for 30 discs 60 New Upper floor 
Bush for APC pin  2755-80-437-11 Bush For APC lock pin, HS630 £ 280.00 New C5 
CA23 Driven tool front plate seals(3)  CA23Seal1kit 2 Seals for front driven tool plate(unlisted in book) £40.00(3 off) 2 orings 1 seal New F8 
CA40 spindle belts 2410  4 single V belts 2410 To suit CA40 £475.00 per set New G2 
CKD 3000 Series Bowl  F-3000-BOWL-F Filter bowl for F3000 Series Filter Regulators £ 45.00 New B3 
CKD 4000 Series Bowl  4000-BOWL-F Filter Bowl for 4000 Series filters £ 60.00 New B3 
CKD cylinder  CMK2-C-32-369 Ckd atc ch250 door cylinder  £215.00 New G6 
CKD Cylinder  CMK2-C-32-360 Pneumatic cylinder/rod £ 175.00 New B7 
CKD cylinder CM2-C-32-300  CM2-C-32-300 CA23MKII ATC door cylinder £160.00 New G6 
CKD cylinder CMK2-C-LB-32-400  CKD cylinder CMK2-C-LB-32-400 CKD cylinder CMK2-C-LB-32-400 Without switched £250.00 New B7 
Ckd cylinder SCM-00-32GB-150  Ckd cylinder SCM-00-32GB-150 Ckd cylinder SCM-00-32GB-150 £120.00 New G6 
CKD Cylinder SCM-LB-32B-420  SCM-LB-32B-420 CKD Cylinder Without switches VS40ATC Door £250.00 New B7 
CKD In-Line Solenoid Valve  AB41-02-5-02G-ST Solenoid operated Valve, CKD 100/110V Coil £ 85.00 New G5 
CKD Pneumatic cylinder  CMK2-C-LB-40-365-M Superhicell ATC door cylinder long type and other m/cs £250.00 New B7 
CKD Pneumatic Cylinder  CMK2-C-00-20-450 CKD Pneumatic Cylinder (CH250 Q setter) £ 295.00 New B7 
CKD Pneumatic Cylinder  SRL3-00-25N-590 CH250 later type, twin magazine single arm cylinder £795.00 New G6 
CKD Pneumatic Cylinder  CMK2-C-40-515 CKD Cylinder (VS ATC Door) £ 245.00 New B7 
CKD Pneumatic Cylinder  SCM-LB-40B-525-T2H3 CKD Cylinder  £ 275.00 New G6 
CKD Pnuematic Cylinder  CMK2-CC-00-20-40 CH250 Q setter cylinder without damping £295.00 New B7 
CKD solenoid 4KA130-L 100vac coils  CKD solenoid 4KA130-L 100vac coils Solenoid £225.00 New G5 
Ckd solenoid 4KA220-06G-LS-AC110V  Ckd solenoid 4KA220-06G-LS-AC110V Ckd solenoid 4KA220-06G-LS-AC110V £225.00 New Lon1 
Ckd solenoid 4KA250-06G-LS-AC110V   4KA250-06G-LS-AC110V Ckd solenoid 4KA250-06G-LS-AC110V £225.00 New G5/Lon1 
CKD solenoid 4KB240-08-L- AC100V- ST  CKD solenoid 4KB240-08-L- AC100V- ST CKD solenoid 4KB240-08-L- AC100V- ST Hg400 ATC door £148 New London 1 
Daikin Hydraulic Cooler  DCR10BP-10 Daikin Hydraulic Cooler to suit NDR unit £176.00 New HYD1 
Daikin NDR Hydraulic Rotor Pack  NDR-151-103H-30 Daikin Rotor Pack 70Bar max (Fitted with New Pump) £ 1695.00 1  Recon BF 
Deublin 1116-486-143 internals used for HG500  Deublin 1116-486-143 internals used for HG500 Deublin 1116-486-143 internals used for HG500 £295.00 New Lon-1 
Deublin Coupling  1129-205-201 Rotary Coolant Coupling, Suit: VS, HS, HG (Sigma) £ 795.00 New B3 
Deublin Coupling  1129-042-427 Rotary coolant coupling, suit CH250 £ 975.00 New B3 
Deublin Coupling  1109-044-212 Rotary Coolant coupling, suit HG400III (F15M-B) £ 725.00 New B4 
Door Roller Bearing  DR-22-B2 Roller bearing for doors/ guards £ 8.75 New B3 
Dowel 10x100  6P10x100 Extractable dowel 10mm dia x 100mm long(CH250) £25.00 New T14 
Dowel 10x24  6P10x24 Extractable dowel 10mm diax 24mm long(CH250) £12.00 30 New T14 
Dowel 10x30  6P10x30 Extractable dowel 10mm dia x 30mm long(CH250) £12.00 New T14 
Dowel 10x70  6P10x70 Extractable dowel 10mm dia x 70mm long(CH250) £15.00 New T14 
Driven tool gearbox HT20SII CA23B  Gearbox driven tool Gearbox only no engaging piston with pulley £1200.00 Recon Stock 
HC500 collet 90 degree 2685-05-386-02  HC500 collet 90 degree 2685-05-386-02 HC500 collet 90 degree 2685-05-386-02 £495.00 New  
HT20SIi clutch TLP 2.5  TLP 2.5 X Z B clutch £395.00 Used C5 
Hydraulic Filter  SFT-06-150W Filter/Strainer for NDR Hydraulic units £ 37.50 New G3 
KV Driven Turret Pot  1642-00-801-20 KV Driven Pot Clamper, CA23 etc. £ 950.00 Used Stock 
KV Static Turret Pot  1742-00-814/820 KV/QCT Turret pot clamper, HT20SII etc.  £ 795.00 Used C5 
KV Turret Pot Rod  KV-ROD-25 KV Pot centre rod 25mm £ 275.00 New C5 
La-Man Filter Service kit  LAMAN015SK Service kit for Stage 1 & 2 La-Man air Filter £ 64.50 New B3 
La-Man Filters Stage 1 & 2  LAMAN-451-452 Filters Stage 1 & 2 set for La-Man air filters £ 54.50 New  
LNS Quickload belt  HTD 400 5M Timing belt 25mm wide £45.00 New F1 
LNS Quickload servo II timing belt  HTD 400 5M Timing belt 15mm wide £25.00 New F1 
Lube Distributor  DPB13-10 Showa 3 way 0.1cc Lube Distributor £ 54.50 New B3 
Lube Distributor  DPB18-10 Showa 8 way 0.1cc Lube Distributor £82.50 New B3 
Lube Distributor  DPB12-10 2 way 0.1cc lube distributor £ 46.50 New B3 
Lube Distributor  DPB16-10 Showa 6 Way 0.1cc Lube Disributor £ 72.50 New B3,Lon1 
Lube Distributor  DPB15-10 Showa 5 Way 0.1cc Lube Distributor £ 65.00 New B3 
Lube Metering Valve  MOS-10 0.1cc Lube Metering valve £ 48.00 (Pack 5) 10 pks New T15 
Metering Unit  PSS0 Lube flow restrictor, 0.1cc £ 6.75 15 New T14 
MMK Chucking Cylinder  150/52-25 MMK Chucking Cylinder suit 8" Spindle £ 995.00 Recon 
MO10 Lube Metering Valve  MO-10 Metering Valve 0.1cc, CA23II £ 9.80 New T15 
NDR Seal Kit  RP15KIT Seal Kit to suit RP15A1 pumps on NDR Rotor Packs £ 65.00 New T11 
NTN Bearing  6907-NR Bearing £ 28.75 New B3 
O-ring  16-L-100 O-ring (G-100) £ 5.75 20 New F8 
RHP Bearing  6001-J Bearing £ 12.50 New B3 
Shear Collar  Shear collar 4NE Z axis £275.00 New C5 
Shear Collar 4NE  Shear collar 4NE X shear collar £275.00 New C5 
Showa Lubricating Pump  LCB-4-7613 Lube pump unit for HG400 etc. £ 595.00 New B3 
Showa Lubricating Pump  SSMB-310 Lubricating pump unit with air pump, CA23 etc. £ 875.00 New B3 
SKF Bearing  6210 Bearing £ 104.50 New B3 
SMC Solenoid Valve  SMC-VX2320 SMC Solenoid operated Valve 100VAC £ 110.00 New G5 
SNR Bearing  6006 Bearing £ 15.00 New B3 
Spindle belts  2-11MS-1950 2 Pairs (4-11MS) £259.00 New F1 
Spindle Belts  2-11MS-2180 2 Pairs(4-11MS)  3 sets New F1 
Spindle Belts  2-11MS-2120 2 Pairs(4-11MS)  New F1 
Spindle Belts  2-11MS-2060 2 Pairs(4-11MS)  2 Sets New F1 
Spindle encoder belt  344 L 050 Spindle encoder belt £45.00 New F2 
Spindle encoder belt  367 L 050 Encoder belt £45.00 New F2 
Sub Spindle Loom Support Shim MK1  1742-13-146-10 Hicell 23b MK1 Shim £225.00 New MG3 
Sub Spindle Loom Support Shim MKII  1745-13-300-00 Hicell 23b MKII Shim £95.00 New B9 
Tailstock/Sub Spindle Shim Guard  1742-12-139-20 Short Bed Shim Guard £ 180.00 New B9 
Tailstock/Sub Spindle Shim Guard  1742-12-138-10 Long Bed Shim HT20SII or Hicell £ 190.00 New B9 
Taiyo Hydraulic Cylinder  1SD40BB67-AB-L-X, 1SD40BB76.5-AD-L-X Double ended Hydraulic cylinder, 3 position use like on VM40III ATC arm swing £750.00 New B2 
THK Bearing Guide Rail  FBL.35S+559L THK Linear Bearing Guide Rail, VM40 ATC Door £ 55.00 New A6 
Timing belt  250 STS S8M 848 250 STS S8M 848 timing / axis belt £75.00 3 + 2 london New B7 
Timing belt  KPS 8M 680 bando  50mm wide driven tool belt kevlar £375.00 New F1 
Timing belt  STS-S8M-560 HT23RIII driven tool belt £70.00 New B7 
Timing belt  255 L 050 Timing belt Fenner £25.00 New F2 
Timing belt  STS-S8M-424 Hicell 23 driven tool belt 25mm wide £45.00 6 + 4 london New B7 
Timing Belt  STS-S8M-424 Hicell 23 Driven Tool Drive Belt, 20mm wide £ 45.00 2 + 3 London  New B7 
Timing Belt  STS S8M 1248 Bando Timing Belt £105 New B7 
Timing Belt  STS S8M 1032-25 Bando Timing Belt -25mm £75 New B7 
Timing Belt  STS S8M 560 Bando Timing Belt £45 New B7 
Timing Belt  STS-S8M-480 Bando Timing Belt, suits VDI Driven Tool £ 50.00 2 + 1 london New B7 
Timing Belt  STS-S8M-712 Bando Timing Belt £ 50.00 4 mid 3 london New B7 
Timing Belt  STS-S8M-1032 Bando Timing Belt-40mm (Turret, HT20SII, HT20R, CA23) £ 75.00 4 mid 6 lond New B7 
Timing Belt -Bando  KPS 8M 680 Bando Timing Belt £150 New F1 
Timing belt bando KPSII 8M 640  KPSII 8M 640 Bando timing belt £200.00 1 london New F1 
VM40 X-axis Cover, Left  2761-00-509-10 Concertina Cover for VM40II & III £ 850.00 New B5 
VM40 X-axis cover, Right  2761-00-508-10 X-Axis concertina cover for VM40II & III £ 850.00 New B5 
Showing 100 items